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Bank Book - Transaction Codes?

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Could anyone explain me some BKK Bank Transaction Codes in my Bank Book?

I found these Transaction Codes one their Homepage but they aren't complete.


In my book I have also the Code BTN for deposits, but BTN is not listed in Transaction pages of BKK Bank.

And what ist the different between W/D (Cash Withdrawl) an NBW (Cash Withdrawal No Book)?

I have also two small deposit with INT (Interest), which I don't understand

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BTN stands for Bahtnet. This is a method of transferring funds between Branches or Banks throughout the country.

WD and NBW both indicate a withdrawal from your account. The first would have been done over the counter and the passbook updated at that time. The second code indicates that money has been withdrawn say through an ATM machine and means that your passbook will have to be updated at some time in order to keep the balance correct.

INT is for interest paid on the account .

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