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20-Year-Old Briton Electrocuted To Death On Bangla Road, Phuket

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Brit tourist in Phuket dies in soaked power surge


Not many tourists in evidence at the popular shopping mall on

Soi Bangla today.


The outdoor power socket.

PHUKET: -- A young British tourist died in Patong early this morning after he accidentally placed his hand on an outdoor, floor-mounted power socket covered with water.

The 20-year-old man, whose name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin, was sitting in the undercover forecourt of the Ocean Plaza Patong [shopping mall] on Soi Bangla at about 6am when the incident happened.

“He was sitting with his male traveling companion and a group of Thai people,” said one officer who arrived at the scene.

“He was waving his hand around while talking and accidentally placed it on top of a power socket covered by a metal plate. There was a lot of water on the floor from the rain and he was electrocuted,” the officer said.

A Thai woman [in the group] tried to pull him away from the power socket, but she received a shock and could not pull herself away.

Then a Thai man tried to help, and he too suffered an electric shock and could not free himself.

“Another Thai guy saw this and kicked the Thai man away from the others. Then they used a wooden stick to push the Thai girl away,” the officer said.

The Thai man and woman were not seriously injured.

The British tourist’s friend suffered an electric shock when he tried to help.

He is now recovering at Wachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket Town.

“Although his physical injuries are not serious, he is suffering from the emotional shock of losing his friend,” a hospital worker told the Phuket Gazette.

A masseuse who works in the Ocean Plaza forecourt said today that she had heard about the incident, but was not aware that the man had died.

“We knew about the power socket, but we didn’t know that it could be so dangerous. Some of us used to walk barefoot around here, but now we all wear rubber soles all the time,” she said.


-- Phuket Gazette 2011-09-25

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So are they going to fix it!?! Or mai bpen rai?

Fix it? C'mon, it's there *by design!*

Yeah, we're not in Kansas, any more...

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I mean how could an electricity socket covered in water be so dangerous?

Freaking idiots.

Well, a young British guy has probably never come across such a lethal death-trap, not the sort of thing you often see in the UK.

Just sad.

I remember when my Aussie friend came over the first time, he couldn't believe all the live electric cables on the streets.

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It reminds me of a similar case when a young British guy was electrocuted in the rain by a loose power cable in Theppisit. Totally unacceptable.

Another young life wasted in a country that seems to have such little regard for safety but is so dependent on tourism.

Condolences to the family.......


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Thailand is an electrical nightmare. None of the houses I've lived in here have been grounded and I've had lots of shocks just from touching appliances. This outdoor socket isn't the exception, it's normal for Thailand. Don't hold your breath on anything changing soon.

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Well, if he would not have been there at 6 am the accident would have never happened = it is his own fault. Welcome to the biggest congregations of clowns; I keep proclaiming = too many clowns, not enough circuses. Do you seriously thing, assume, hope or expect anything to change in this country? Try to imagine what would happen, if a Thai would get electrocuted in London. Good luck this is hypothetical as it will never happen and hence Thais are never at fault!

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i think we are all lucky....the electric situation is on most places very unsafe...for europian matters...

I think its even against the law in europe having electric wires hanging around like here in thailand...

One wire getting loose would be enough to have another dramatic scene like this one mentioned in this topic.

But when i look at all the wires hanging around.....i think...impossible even to do it the right safe way...

But i am sure the new goverment will take care of it.....pffffffff....

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In Thailand there is no health and safety standards that are internationally recognized. People should be aware of when visiting Thailand one should be over cautious and sharp minded with focus to one safety. My heart goes out to the young mans family - Tragic indeed!

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I can understand if you chosse to live here and make an informoned choice...BUT this poor guys life taken away, on holiday..I feel so much for the family and friends...god bless.....RIP bud, some may forget but a lot wont..sleep well :(

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It is already a miracle that nobody who tried to help the poor Briton was not killed also from electrocution.

I learned already in primary school that before helping a person, victim of electrocution, one must cut off the power first or use insulated equipment

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The entire Thai attitude to electricity facilities and conduits is disgusting.

It seems that they just don't understand the imminent dangers they put all people in when they allow all of the low hanging and poorly wired infrasctructures.

Even their power plugs and adapters are death traps,... a complete joke but freely sold in any store.

Recently whilst on a trip to Ubon I happened to walk across a walk-over pedestrian bridge across the main city road. On the other side of the bridge was a staircase down that had a chrome steel railing and brushing up directly along side of that railing were power lines which you could have touched with your hand without any stretching!

No value placed on a life here,... and no existence of commonsense or accountability for anything. Makes me want to pewk!

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