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1 Buddhist Inmate Killed, 2 Injured In Pattani Prison Riot

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1 Buddhist inmate killed, 2 injured

By The Nation


Muslim inmates in the Pattani Prison rioted Monday morning, killing one Buddhist inmate and injuring two others.

Pattani Deputy Governor Lertkiart Wongphophan said he Muslim inmates rioted out of anger that Buddhist inmates, who were appointed as assistant prison officials, had allegedly rationed foods unfairly to them.

The riot took place at about 8:20 am.

The Pattani Central Prison has about 2,000 inmates. Some of the inmates have been transferred from Narathiwat and Yala.

About 300 police were deployed to try to control the situation up to a level, Lertkiart said.

The officials managed to rescue the injured inmates and they were rushed to a hospital, the deputy governor said.

The authorities had yet to retrieve the body of the slain inmate, identified as Phanuwat Khong-in.

At press time, a negotiation between the provincial governor and the inmates was going on.

The deputy governor said the rioting inmates submitted seven-point demand as following:

1. The prison must relax the rules for controlling the inmates.

2. The prison must appoint Muslim inmates to be in charge of kitchen.

3. The assistant prison officials, who check belongings of visiting relatives, must be Muslims only.

4. The work assignment system of the prison must be changed.

5. The officials in charge of work assignment for prisoners must be changed.

6. Buddhist inmates, who are working as assistant prison officials and have had conflicts with Muslim inmates, must be transferred to other prisons.

7. Muslim inmates, who took part in the riot, must not be transferred.


-- The Nation 2011-09-05

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