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Best Bar In Cm?

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I been to CM quite a few times(the wife is from CM).

I just want to know what the best bars are at the moment....

I remember the Spotlight Bar and the bars just up from the Lai Thai guesthouse.

The one on the corner Ba ba bo bar(or something like that) used to play good music.

I would welcome any comments.

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Fine Thanks on Nimmanhaemin for the sexiest waitresses in town, plus good food & ok music (especially Meow's powerful voice & English singing.)

Yeah, great place as long as you don't drink a bottle of Cointreau and break glasses :D They will put them on the bill :D Must do it again sometime :o

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Chiang Mai Saloon down Loi Kroh Rd towards the Night Bazzar. Good atmosphere, good mexican food (by thai standards).

My personal favourite is sitting at the rickety table next to my favourite food stall on Chotana Rd though. :o


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My current fav is Marina Bar in the LoiKro Bar-Beer-Center, near the back on the left.

Good music and fun people.

Watch out for them dragonladies.


Where is the LoiKro bar beer center??

Go past Thape Gate, turn left when you go past the Lucky Bar and you'll find quite a few little bars on the right hand side just up the street.


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The Queen Victoria near Chang Pheuak Gate (about 100m inside the centre of the northern stretch of moat) has just opened. Great range of beers, quality food, and air-con. Good for a starter before nipping down to the tarty bars. Saloon also for food and atmosphere.

As far as the girlie bars go I reckon more fun can be had in the ones near the bottom end of Loy Kroh, near the moat, as opposed to the flagging Chiang Mai Entertainent Plaza, or whatever it's called, near the Imperial Mae Ping.

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