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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 13:49

Let's Learn One Word A Day.

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I am probably wrong to do this. Knowing the meaning of a word makes the definition interesting, every word means something in the definition so one word means learning more than ‘one word a day’ หลุมอากาศ น. บริเวณอากาศบางเป็นเหตุให้เครื่องบินหสียระดับโดยกะทันหัน 


Air pockets affect all things which fly so depending on how one understands เครื่องบิน should read อากาศยาน not เครื่องบิน.    



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On 11/8/2005 at 4:13 AM, Neeranam said:

Howler, looks like no one else is interested.

How about letting us know what you want to learn - maybe I can help a bit.

How about a beginners thread?

There are a lot more beginners on this forum than experts or advanced.

koon yoo tee Groong Thayp nan thoarai? How long have you live in Bangkok?

ma nee boi mai? do you come here often?

chewmong la thoaroai how much is it per hour?

Count me in, Let me know how to get on the thread  when it starts, Thanks

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