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Hifi Distributors In Thailand

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On 02/10/2011 at 7:55 PM, stgrhe said:

Well, it is for real but it took me about a year to finish it. The more I dug the more I found.

Hi Stgrhe,


Thank you for the list.  I would like to take you all back to 2012 when I decided to do something for my home in Chiangmai. Although I was working in Bangkok, I made time to visit 5 or 6 of these places on the list.  Many where good, but since I was in the think of paying for international schools etc I wanted to keep my budget under 80-100,000baht.  On a New Years break in Chiangmai I wondered past a shop on the fourth floor of the Central Kadsuan Kaew, the original Central building which appears to be on the wind-down.  In a little shop at the back section towards the bowling alley I came across a shop owned by Mr Sawanwut (Khun Wut).  In his little shop he had many imported Japanese vintage stereos. For those in the know, some of the vintage equipment with well made Japanese transformers are still up there with the best sounds produced today. All be in a personal preference I am sure that many will disagree. Anyway, Mr Wut has Onkyo, Yamaha, Pioneer, Sansui, Accuphase, Dennon.  Because of my budget I thought what a good idea to entertain a listening of something old. I had always loved the sound of my Yamaha R5 bought in 1986.  Anyway, Mr Wut hooked up the 100V transformer to a Sansui AU-alpha777 DG made in 1988.  What I heard was a pure sweet soundstage. The next question was what speakers were they playing from.  As with most real audiophiles of which I am but a learner, we choose only 2 speakers. No need for surround this surround that.  This is the cracker.....  Mr Wut made and sells the speakers himself. The tweeters are made of coconut fibre. The entire tweeter are made of coconut wood outer, and the inner dome is a coconut fibre proceed and set into the domed speaker piece. The sound is soft and warm.  


I went away and looked at another 5 or 6 shops, listened to there best, but time and time again I could not hear that sound stage I wanted.  In the end I returned back to Mr Wut a month later. The Sansui became mine along with a set of his speakers. The whole setup cost me less than 50,000 baht set up with high end cabling on the speakers and between CD drive.  I could not be happier, and as I result I have further bought another vintage Sansui direct from Japan for my Australian home. 


I know that Mr Wut will soon close his Chiangmai shop as his 20 year lease will soon finish, if not already, but I would appreciate you adding him to the list by his direct mobile number:


Mr Sawangwut.  Brands mentioned above, but all Japanese 100V vintage imports @ 0818439953


Happy listening guys.  BTW, the Sansui is also connected to my Samsung 55" TV for amazing sterio movie listening.  Don't think the old stuff can only be for tapes and LP's.  

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