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Rain-Check/Refund Or What....?

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Last night me and a friend went to a Bangkok golf course and played night golf. We had managed to play the first 9 in 1.20 when it started to rain. We had a good match going and we don't mind playing in the rain. After 4 holes the rain turned to a slight drizzle, but since most players gave up and went home the course was now more or less empty. With 4 holes to play the lights were shut down. We couldn't finish.

Obviously, the manager decided to shut down to save electricity and go home early. We couldn't get a rain-check or a refund.

Am i wrong when I feel this is equivalent to the Pattaya Jetski scam...?

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A very strange thread from some one that seems to know every thing about golf and is now comparing Jet Ski scams to lights going off at a golf course!! the lights went off simply because they forgot you was still on the golf course it's that simple!!!

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A very strange thread from some one that seems to know every thing about golf and is now comparing Jet Ski scams to lights going off at a golf course!! the lights went off simply because they forgot you was still on the golf course it's that simple!!!

If you read the initial post I have already mentioned that they closed the light in order to save electricity and go home early. I actually dont have a problem with that as long as they would accept that they sold a product and that the buyers expected them to deliver. The alternative would have been a refund or a rain-check.
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If you played at Windmill - its quite possible. :(

So this is a common behavior? I was hoping that this was an honest mistake, but considering this happens in more than one place it appears that my comparison with the Jetski scammers was spot on..? Amazing Thailand.

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For those who are interested in discussing this from a serious point of view:

Is this something that is going on everywhere? Is this an "implied" standard that I haven't known about (golf courses reserves the right to stop play for seemingly arbitrary reasons)?

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Since you have claimed you receive Titleist Pro Vi golf balls free, why didn't you simply slip the club manager a 3 ball sleeve and ask him to leave the lights on so you could finish your round in the rain?

You mean; why didn't I pay him to allow me to do something I had already paid an agreed amount for...?

it cost you nothing but some free balls from your alleged unlimited supply.

Not that it has anything to do with the topic, but please feel free to share with the rest of us why you think I have an unlimited supply of PRO V1s...?

Perhaps he might have been more inclined to leave the lights on while you and one other continued playing golf in the rain if you had offered him some incentive. I would think anybody as knowledgeable as yourself would understand how the system works from time to time. ;)

As far as the unlimited supply of Pro V1's is concerned, this is what you said in a thread titled, surprisingly, "Pro V1 Golf Balls"...

"Here's what I suggest:

Since I get these balls for free I'd be happy to send you a sleeve. PM me your address and I'll send you tomorrow."

Link here, post #23:

Your words were, "Since I get these balls for free...".

You did not place a restriction on the number you receive nor did you explain exactly how you receive them. One is therefore left to their imagination that the number is unlimited.

If not, please provide an explanation simply to clear the air.

As far as trying to get a serious discussion on this topic is concerned, I am afraid you will have trouble convincing anybody you have been harmed in any manner simply because the lights were turned out on you in a rainstorm so the Course management and his assistants could go home for the evening.

In an effort to help you, following is the rain check policy picked at random from Google. It is from the Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club in Front Royal, VA.

Please note this policy states if 14 or more holes are played, there is no eligibility for a rain check. This would seem to apply in your case.


Rain Check Policy

If you start your round in the rain, there will be no rain check issued. A rain check may be issued only if the golf course superintendent or golf course management deems the course unplayable. Players are expected to continue play during rain and/or drizzle. When the unplayable decision has been made, players are required to report to the golf shop ASAP so their return time can be registered. All players requesting a rain check may be required to wait up to an hour after initial check-in or return time check-in to determine if course conditions will improve. Rain checks are issued depending on the number of holes played. An 18 hole rain check will be issued for 1-3 holes; 4-13 holes the customer receives a 9 hole rain check; 14 or more holes do not qualify for a rain check. Eighteen (18) hole rain checks are valued at the rate that you were charged prior to teeing off. Nine (9) hole rain checks are valued at the 9 hole rate initially paid or 50% of the18 hole rate that you were initially charged. Any rain check can be applied towards golf fees that are more expensive. There will be no cash refunds or credits if rain check is used for lesser value. Rain checks are non-transferable and non-replaceable. Rain checks are only redeemable for golf course fees and hold no cash value. Rain checks expire 90 days after date issued. Rain checks may only be redeemed one at a time towards a single golf fee; no multiple redemptions against a single fee.

Link here: http://www.blueridgeshadows.com/course-info.shtml

Edit in: Here are a two more rain check policies:


Rain Check Policy

Rain checks are issued for extreme inclement weather that includes but is not limited to storms and lightning.

Rain checks are issued based on your position of play at the point of interruption. Prior to receiving a rain check, our guests must present their starter’s receipt to the Pro Shop.

If 4 or less holes are completed An 18-hole rain check will be issued

If 5 – 12 holes are completed A 9-hole rain check will be issued.

If 13+ holes are completed No rain check will be issued

Rain checks issued prior to September 1st must be used within the calendar year. Rain checks issued after September 1st must be used before June 30th of the following year.

Link here: http://greatrivergolfclub.com/weather-policy.asp


Rain Check Policy: Rain checks are issued as a courtesy to our customers for inclement weather, family emergencies or being called away to work (If you don’t play on call, you might not play at all. We think.). We reserve the right not to issue a rain check if inclement weather is present when you start playing, so please keep this in mind before paying your fee. Rain checks are good for thirty days only. The computer keeps track of rain checks and will not allow any to be redeemed after thirty days, so please do not ask the pro or clerk behind the counter. Rain checks are redeemable for golf and cart fees only. Rain checks are good only for a dollar value that is calculated based on the fee paid and the number of holes remaining on your round. For example, if you paid $31.50 to play 18 holes and had to quit after nine, the amount of the rain check will be $15.75, or half of what you paid. Present the rain check (within thirty days of the issue date) the next time you play and that amount will be deducted from your total. Please note that a rain check is a dollar amount – not a number of holes (A rain check = dollars paid / the number of holes paid x the number of holes not played). Depending upon the day of the week and the time of play, you may be paying for golf at a more expensive rate than when the rain check was issued, and a balance may be owed. If the new fee is less than the rain check amount, a new rain check will be issued for that balance remaining.

Link here: http://www.nuevavistagolf.com/course/policies


To summarize, one golf course says no rain check after 13 holes, one golf course says no rain check after 14 holes and one course would give you a rain check equal to 4/18ths of the total green fee cost. If your green fee was 1,000 baht you would receive a rain check from the third course in the amount of 222 Baht to apply to your next green fee.

Your problem hardly ranks up there with the jet ski scams in LOS.

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You seem to have an incorrect definition (or understanding) of the term "rain check". A rain check is (as far as I understand), the term used when a player has the right to stop playing his round according to terms agreed. I don't actually know, I don't mind playing when it rains so I have never had a rain check.

With the risk of being overclear (with regards to the obvious fact that you haven't read the initial post), this was not a case where we wanted to stop playing due to rain. If I am not incorrect the rain check policy applies at most courses in reverse when the course is closed due to unplayable conditions, but that wasn't the case, the course was fine and one of the staff told us that they wanted to close because there weren't that many players. If you read the text you've pasted they even support my case.

Players are expected to continue play during rain and/or drizzle.

To answer your question regarding "incentive" to play, you have pretty much addressed my initial question by suggesting that there WAS an intent not only to intentionally deceive customers by making them pay an agreed rate with the knowledge that the terms ans conditions would be omitted in case there was rain. Maybe they even WANT rain since that would most definitely render in a better margin. So thanks for supporting my idea that this was a scam.



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Off topic baiting comments removed.
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I dont know, but I think it'd be pretty much the end of a golf course if they openly advertised the following policy:

"If there is rain, the course will be closed and no refunds or rain checks will be issued."

The only thing more surprising than if that would happen is that there are posters on here who tends to support the idea of such policy.

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I have answered your questions. You have made yet another post dripping with sarcasm while trolling for an argument and that is something I no longer wish to get involved in with you.

I strongly suggest you take the matter up with the golf course that has so offended you. I hardly understand how you think any member of TV can help you unless you try and help yourself by going back to the source of your problem.

Now would be a good time to close this thread.

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I have answered your questions.

Once again it is obvious that you haven't read the initial post. If you had, you would have realised that I am not interested in some sort of mitigation or suggestions on how to approach the golf club in order to come to some sort of agreement - that I already have.

What I DID ask (something you apparently missed), was whether my perception of the entire approach as being fraudulent was correct or not, something you clearly dont think - and I will not comment on whether you are the only person this side of the equator who is of the opinion that the golf course should be allowed to close for arbitrary reasons without reimbursing players who paid green fee in full - I'll simply accept that you think they didn't do anything wrong.

Finally, isn't it better if you simply refrain from posting incorrect information in threads you don't like, rather than arguing that they be closed...?


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chuckd - If you don't like the thread don't post in it. It's you who is clearly trolling for an arguement.

Forethat is rightly annoyed. Anyone who has ever played golf would be annoyed at such treatment.

Forethat has also asked whether any other golfers have experienced such treatment, and if any other courses have such a policy.

Why do you think that being an argumentative soul gives you the right to take over someone else's thread ?

Ok, you disagree and believe the this golf course is well within its rights to treat a paid golfer in a subhuman manner... many others will disagree...

OP: Terrible treatment by the golf course. If you can, write a letter to the committee. It will probably fall on blind eyes... you never know... If you have one, chose an alternative course where hopefully the treatment is better.

I personally have received terrible treatment at Pheonix course in Pattaya, I don't need to play there as I don't live in Pattaya - But when I do visit - I know I'll never play that course again.

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