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Were You Aware Of This?

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The following is from Stickman weekly of Nov. 13.  Compare the police tactics in Korat with those used against the EGAT protesters.  Any similarities??? 

On Thursday night Korat was invaded by the boys in brown.  A task force of around 12 - 15 pick-up trucks, each loaded with around 7-10 officers hit town.  This was a serious task force and from all accounts they were out for the kill.  They swooped on every type of night time entertainment venue including pubs, cafes, discos, karaokes, and even some restaurants!  IDs were checked in some venues and urine tests conducted in others.  Triple X, next to the Royal Princess Hotel, got hit very hard and resulted in droves of people scattering across the busy street to escape the police.  A truck tried to avoid hitting people who had dashed out wildly but lost control and flipped over the median strip!  Korat was the most alive it has been since the Vietnam war!  As soon as they were done at one venue, off the police went in search of more prey at the next spot on the hit list.  Even the K-Star Hotel got hit hard.  But perhaps it was all overdue?  Korat has always been lax on the enforcement of various laws.  This whole ordeal is going to hurt Korat businesses even more as the American / Thai joint military exercises were cancelled this year, and held in Udon Thani instead.  A number of local businesses anxiously wait for the American soldiers at this time of the year.  Needless to say, there are less smiles than usual in Korat right now.

You hear some amazing stories

I copied this from another thread.

Wondered if any of you were involved.... :o

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Wondered if any of you were involved.... :o

Why? Do you think you know someone who might have been involved? :D

Actually, I haven't as yet heard anything about this incident. Perhaps more to come? :D And I do wonder on what basis the writer makes the statement "But perhaps it was all overdue? Korat has always been lax on the enforcement of various laws." :D Where does that information come from or is it just come kind of opinion and just like something else, we all have one. :D

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I've searched the English versions of the Thai National News archives from the 5th-14th November... no mention of this activity.

That's not to say it didn't happen... not all Police activity is reported in the press.

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