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Bang Saray Bar And Restaurant

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Bar & Restaurant

This Bang Saray bar and restaurant is located on the beach and is well known to both resident expats, tourists and locals. The 50 seat restaurant offers both Thai and European cuisine and fresh seafood. The garden area offers a relaxing area for customers to enjoy a drink.

The business has two full time employees with a monthly salary of 11,000 baht and rent is 15,000 baht per month. The lease contract expires in 2019 and contain a seven year renewal option.

The two stores premises was established on 2007 and has a second floor apartment with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom a living room and a kitchen for the use of the owner or as a possible source of a second income.

Annual receipts are around 1,870,000 baht while net income is 253,000 baht. Assets around 250,000 baht and inventory of 400,000 baht are included in the selling price.

The owner is returning to his home country and so is selling the business.

Two options are offered :

a) 650,000 baht 7 years rental of the business

B) 3,500,000 baht to buy freehold



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