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Aussies Deported Over False Phuket Robbery Claim

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Aussies deported over false Phuket robbery claim


Australian couple Abdul Karim El Rajab (left) and and Zeidan Nouha have

been deported, but have not been placed on the Immigration blacklist.

PHUKET: -- The two Australian tourists on holiday in Phuket who were charged with filing a false robbery report last weekend have been deported, the Phuket Immigration Office has confirmed.

The Australian couple, Abdul Karim El Rajab, 31, and Zeidan Nouha, 30, were arrested for filing a bogus report of being robbed in Patong last Sunday.

Police believe the couple filed the report with the aim of filing a fake insurance claim.

Officers became suspicious of the couple after an investigation into the alleged robbery proved fruitless.

The couple were arrested after officers searched the couple’s hotel room and found all of the items reported stolen, including iPhone 4s, their passports and wallets.

“They were fined 600 baht each for intentionally providing a police officer with false information and they have been deported back to Australia,” the officer said.

“However, they have not been placed on the Immigration blacklist, which means they have not been barred from entering Thailand. They may choose to return at a later date,” the officer added.

Source: http://www.phuketgazette.net/archives/articles/2011/article11373.html


-- Phuket Gazette 2011-11-05

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Abdul Karim El Rajab, Zeidan Nouha

very Australian names

They wear national costume at least, that 's a proof they are Australian..

They might arrived in Australia as political refugees and got more rights than born Australians also free citizenship.

They're the shame of Australia, and PITY Thailand only 600 Baht fees??

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That is why Australians and other nationalities will get a bad name because of all the import that they let into their country.

Only punished by 600 bath is cheap much too cheap

Thais wouldn't understand by their names that they were not originally from Australia. C'mon, they are holding Aussie passports...

I remember an American guy who called the cops to a hotel in Bangkok, where he 'got robbed.'

The cops not just found the 'items' he'd claimed to be 'stolen', they also found some weed. Two things are endless, human stupidity and the universe.

But I'm not sure about the universe...(Albert Einstein).................jap.gif

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