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I Have The Land - How Much For A House

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The protestations of some would be more palatable if not laced with such blatant self-serving advocacy and oft repeated disparagements of others. How can one promote harmony while resorting to pettiness and putdowns? Respect given to others is often returned but respect expected or demanded is rightly withheld.

No one really cares about past stewards and why they were summarily dismissed.

I might also suggest that many of us are surrounded by Thais all the time and come to this forum to escape into a world of friendly banter and interaction in a language more familiar to us. Some don’t play well with others and find themselves on the losing end of the exchange but such is life.

We all know where to find Thais but it can be difficult for the newcomers to find empathetic and commiserative resident farangs. Fortunately this forum has made great strides in facilitating interaction for those who want it. Especially for those who prefer to talk with individuals who are not inebriated or otherwise impaired.

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