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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 04:33

Images Of Isaan

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cdnvic, trying to upload from my PC, hope this works.

cdnvic, I have managed to upload a photo but I think I need to compress the file first? New to this, please bear with me....


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Here is a shot I took out of the 6th floor window of the hotel. I visited Korat for 2 days in December and stayed here with my girlfriend. Apparently the hotel was not too memorable, because I cannot recall the name of it. :D Or possibly my memory is fading away. :o

Maybe someone will recognize the view and identify the hotel?



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Isaan, not realy, it's now Sa Kaew province, the government changed it in 1992. Wang Sombun.

Thai kids encountering and eating toast and strawberry jam for the first time in their life.

Odd, for them, pretty much like farangs kids and a rice soup..

Look how 3 girls are watching the smallest one and what she does.

The brim of the bowl at the bottom is my thai breakfast - rice soup. All that at "my" porch.


The smallest one is a champion at the school.

My child was still to be born when the pic was taken.

Oh, the car in the back was a Qcars rental. Not mine.

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The wat in Ban Bua Khao, Kuchinarai, Kalasin.


My wife brings some refreshments from the local shop next to the wat. :o


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