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Images Of Isaan

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Hey thommo46 I love your pics. I live near Lam Plai Mat and just 30 mins drive from Phanom Rung and Muang Tam. Can you please give me directions to get to the lake near NR (Korat).



Hi Bicko,I got there by typical Thai style,went with g/f family,put into back of ute call in and see relations,fit as many as you can in car and then off to lake.I think it is on the way to chok chai,not far off main road to korat,has a sign in english Lake Sappardoo.Maybe ask someone else on the k/f board.

Thommo. :o

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Here's a few more....hope you enjoy.

"Iron Buffalo" Tuk Tuk. Colourful enough for you? Roadside Restraunt All photos by Cheeky Farung Isaan Webcams Old farts drinking in Surin cam

just the way i see it .

Posted Images

Is it a sam law; or is it a motorbike; or is it a tuk-tuk?

The smiley faces really do it for me, it make me remember what I am missing.

Good photo thanks for sharing.

Steve :o

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Looks like I have a lot to look forward to next month, I will be going to my TG's village in Si-Sa-Ket, if it doesn't get washed away, with all this rain they have been having, I will take many photos and post. Thanks for sharing.

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post-47696-1182150461_thumb.jpgHere's a few pictures of That Phanom. Outside the Bus station, downtown and he Wat very famous as Buddha is suppose to have entered Thailand at this point. I also added a picture of a Tuktuk and a Song Thaew for anyone who cares.





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Sorry, I didn't have any digital pics of Issan before. However here's one of my banana tree in the garden taken on my mobile phone on my last visit. If you look close enough you can see the bananas.


P.S. The wifes eaten them all now.

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This is a pic of my wife being cooked after giving birth, i believe it's common in issan. Anyone else experienced this?


Our bedroom for the first year in issan


Naam Tok Tat Ton. Just a short bicycle ride away


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Having yesterday read on the main Visa forum "Has anyone ever eaten silk worms?" I replied "yes and they're delicious". I then posted pictures of the boiling caldron from which they came. As they were in Isaan surely they are equally appropriate for "Images of Isaan" so here they are again.

One problem with village life in Surin province is the traffic!! Here are photos taken outside our old house looking 'Up the road' and 'Down the road' at midday. You take your life in your hands every time you want to cross it!!!!





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See what Issan is really like. Seeing is believing!

I just spent 2 weeks travelling Issan on a little Honda 100 (Korat to near

Cambodian boarder).

I met many fantastic people who welcomed me into their lives.

This little video clip shows what it is really like travelling on the road,

the Wats that you pass, a monk initiation ceremony, a primary school sports

day, somtum making, rice farming, fishing in a dam and village kids playing.

As I say, this is just a small clip and I'm new to all this. I just used a

small cannon digital camera on video clip mode.

I'm new to videos, new to web video, and new to this part of Thailand on a

motorcycle. (Taking videos whilst ridding a motorcycle one handed is also

new to me!)

Maybe the important thing for those of this NG who haven't had the chance to

travel Issan that can see what it's is really like.

Sorry if this is boring for you who actually live there.

Thanks to all the Thai people who welcomed me into theirs lives.

I hope you like my contribution.


Loved this video. I tried taping a camcorder to the handlebars....it didn't turn out as good as yours. :o

From Khorat:

my daughter with her aunt and friends


my niece and nephew ready for Songkran


a bit of the family


my daily Thai lesson


Thai wedding







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