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Expats, If You Could Go Back In Time

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My second trip to Thailand as a civilian was after investing six figures in a company which made jetboards. I received distribution rights for SE Asia for that. The company finally went bankrupt this year after years of mismanagement and probable fraud.

If I could do it again, I would not have made the investment and merely come here for other reasons (heck, the first reason was more than good enough and ended up evolving into my current job.)

To make it even worse, part of my initial investment came from selling stock in a then-struggling company. You might have heard of it: Apple?

Do they make phones by any chance ?

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Banned the internet!


Along with mobile phones, blackberries, portable computers and all the other crap that has destroyed social life. Read any travel forum to see the many threads regarding sim cards for Thailand and "will my computer work in Thailand" etc etc.

I'm sure most on this forum will remember the days when one could go on holiday without having to call one's family every 5 minutes. Bah humbug!

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