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In Newtown, Sydney there was an excellent piece of graffifi.

It said

'God Hates homo's'

And underneath some one added

'yes, but does he love tabbouleh?'

As a regular purchaser of hommous this thread has inspired me to try to make it myself.

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I just made my first batch of hummus today from suggestions in this thread. It was great. I've been disappointed far too many times when i goto my favorite kabab shop and they have none so it's great to be making it at home. I found all the ingredients at lotus. They had the dried chick peas for 99thb port 1/2 kilo which is plenty to make like 5 batches. They had a selection of white sesame seeds to choose from as well for cheap. The rest of the stuff is easily found in most thai kitchens.

I'm so glad I found this thread as it's opened my eyes to how much better things can taste when you make them yourself.

I also found a mediterranean recipe site on google with a ton of humus variations that i intend to try including a lemon and ginger humus. I'm sure if you google it you will easily find it as mediterranean is in the domain name.

Good luck to all and thanks for the great tips and suggestions.

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Quite right and it's easy to make your own mayonnaise. Better than anything out of a bottle. You can add garlic or not as you like.

Same goes for bread which most of us outside BKK have to do.

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