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Robbed & Beaten

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I agree.There is also the corruption hotline that the wife has used...it really works!

Looks very handy. Could you please provide more details.



Tel number is: 1676 (Corruption Hot line.) You can be anon if you wish.It certainly worked for us when we had a small incident last year with a Government official.

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Just a quick heads-up before you do complain. I happen to know that the head of the tourist police in Chiang Mai is called "tony" so make sure you complain to the correct person.

Incorrect sinkorswim. The head of the Tourist Police station 1 in Chiangmai is...

Pol.Lt.Col Nuttawut Chotikanchanawit and he is the Chief Inspector for the province of Chiangmai. His nick name is NOT Tony, although there is a tourist police officer that "befriends" both tourists and locals that calls himself Tony (Tannonasak in Thai)

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I really have no idea if it is or not, I've asked for more details from Chanchao.

My little black wood duck is on hold pending the Islamic onslaught :D

Maejo Man, there isn't such a thing. Today anybody can set up a website and post anything they like in less than five minutes! Don't allow such cowards ruin our lifes.

Looking forward to see Daffy again! :D




(Ups! I always end up discussing this topic again and again. :o Expecting some sticks from the mods! :D )

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OP: if you can get a description of this 'Tony' from the man who was harrassed in the hospital, how about posting it here? Those of us who know 'tourist police Tony' should be able to confirm whether it's the same bad lieutenant.

From the tactics it sounds like it could indeed be the Tony many here in Chiang Mai have had unpleasant run-ins with. If so, he is well connected, not just your average patrolman, but I would still encourage him to file a report at Ratchamdamnoen and also with the tourist police HQ in Bangkok.

Re the Kirsty Jones case, I heard that tourist police Tony disappeared from Chiang Mai for a period fo time after the crime was investigated.

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I had a bit of a run in with the police in Chiang Rai many years ago, and sent letters of complaint with full details to both the HQ of the Tourist Office & Tourist Police in Bkk.

I heard nothing for several months, but eventually got a phone call from the police in Chiang Rai & was asked to go there & make a personal complaint at the provincial police HQs.

It was a bit intimidating at the CR Provincial police station, but there was a huge file from Bkk with my original letter, plus a load of other police docs / reports.

On instructions from Bkk, they had made an investigation & the end result was that 2 crooked cops from the Kiu Sataa checkpoint, but based in Mae Chan, were transferred.

All the police in Chiang Rai needed was formal complaint from me & so that they could act on my complaint & then close the case – as instructed by Bkk.

So my advice is don’t waste your time complaining at the local police station. They will only cover their arse. You need to hit them from above. So complain – make a formal written complaint – to either Bkk or at least the provincial Chiang Mai police HQs on the super in Pa Daet.

If need be make a complaint to the relevant embassy in Bkk, as they should then complain to the big boys in Bkk, & once they have a formal complaint from an embassy they have to act & do something, then report back to the embassy.

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The actions of the so-called policeman was <deleted>([email protected] up to say the least.

Many of us have cameras or phones that will record sound and video. I would not want to get caught recording some dubious conversations/actions by cops, but if it can be done on the sly..

If the gentleman had credit cards he should check to see if they will give an emergency cash advance and card replacement, many credit cards and ATM issuers have this service. Im sure this has already been thought of, but just in case!!

1400 baht wont go to far.

I wish him luck.

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I volunteer for an emergency service center used by several insurance companies. Goal is to have someone on the ground to go meet people who experience some incident or accident while on holiday. This doesn't happen a lot, I'm asked to go see someone on average just once a year or so. Mostly it's medical cases, people getting a heart attack while on holiday and suchlike. Living in Chiang Mai, I'm often able to tell them what the best/easiest way is to go about things, perhaps translate where needed and generally help them get back on their feet.

Anyway yesterday I was asked to go see an older male tourist travelling through Thailand. He'd already seen the sights in Bangkok, went to Ayudthaya, now Chiang Mai where he was particulary interested in shopping at the Night Bazar, then planned to go on to Chiang Rai. Typical vanilla-vanilla tourist itinerary.

On his way back from the Night Bazar to his hotel (Winner Inn) last Friday at around 11pm, he was attacked and robbed in the road/soi close to his hotel. Hit from behind, held on to his bag, then hit (repeatedly?) in the face requiring surgery. He's still in hospital but recovering.

First aid people were very good, initial police response was very good, he was transported to Chiang Mai Ram hospital which is of course very very good and really the very best place to go especially if you have insurance.

Then on Saturday, next day after the event while still feeling upset and groggy from surgery, a different policeman comes to visit by himself, says his name is 'Tony' and from what I understand lays on this disgusting fake-jovial Thai police-dude thing ('you my friend' etc, etc) then after that proceeds to search his belongings and ask insinuating questiosn. He checked for 'hairs' on his jacket, repeatedly counted the 1400 baht he had left, (which was ALL he had left, passport, lost, ATM card lost, etc.), goes through his medications, even went so far as to take some glucose pill and licking it to check it out (the guy has diabetes too), asking if he went with prostitutes, so overall insanely intimidating behaviour. At this point the guy was wondering if he should just give the policeman some money, but witht the 1400 baht being all he had left (cash/ATM card all gone) he just couldn't do so. He's now scared to go to the police station just to make up the statement he needs to take to the embassy to get a replacement passport!

I guess this was exactly what this lone police guy was looking for: Pray on an innocent crime victim, shake the tree a little and see if some money falls out. I'm very very pissed off at this, perhaps more so than at the robbery itself which can happen in any city in the world.. Yet rogue Thai police is apparently very much a problem still, also in Chiang Mai.

I'm checking where I can go with a complaint on this. (Any thoughts?)

Chiang Mai's finest, indeed.  :o

I'm not sure I understand this, i just cant believe that a (even nasty) policeman would go out of his way for a considerable amount of time to try and shake down someone who had been robbed of all their money. Most of the time the entire Wallet would have been taken, what would be the potential for any extra money to be had by trying to go and rob him?

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