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(For My Father) Big Game Fishing: East Or West? - Need A Quick Answer

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Hi guys,

I know you'll appreciate this, I just hope to get quick responses.

My father has been fishing since he remembers himself, this is his therapy, his love.

Unfortunately all his life the biggest fish he has caught is no heavier than a few Kg.

I was so lucky to have him join me to a trip to Thailand, we'll be there this February for two weeks.

I've been reading a lot about this subject lately, as I want him to have the catch of his life.

I just can't figure out if to go to the Phuket area or to the Samui area (or completely another place).

Basically, we don't want to spend the entire vacation on fishing, I would mainly like to rest (my favorite location is Haad Yuan in Koh-Phangan) while during a few days he will go fishing with local fishermen.

But I want him to go on a proper deep-sea big-game fishing for a day or two so he would have the best fishing experience ever !

My questions are:

1. Is it a reasonable thing to expect ? Can a day-two fishing trip (assuming you go for the 2000+ baht ones) guarantee catching a big fish ?

2. If it is ... where's the best location on February ? Can you recommend an agency/company ?

3. Is there a place similar to Haad Yuan close by so I will also be able to rest ?

Till now I've been looking at staying at:

1. Racha Yai as it is easy to get from there to Phuket as to go on a fishing trip, it's relaxed and has good fishing spots around.

2. Haad Yuan as it is my favorite resting spot, easy to get from there to Koh Samui as to go on a fishing trip.

3. Hua Hin, Pattaya seem scaringly big and full of people. I have no idea where can I stay around there to get my peace of mind.

4. Ranong and staying at Koh Phayam ?

I know I'm asking a lot of questions, asking a lot of who ever replies.

Feel free to say what's on your mind answer what ever question you see fit or share a new point of view.

Any info will be welcomed !

Thank you !!!

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I can answer to your questions:

  1. Its fishing, there are never any guarantees. It all depends on the skipper and where they take you.
  2. If you have the choice between Samui or somewhere in the Andaman sea, opt for the Andaman. Both are ok, but Andaman is deeper and home to bigger species. Racha Yai and Racha Noi are both well known spots.

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If you want to go game fishing with proper boat, suitable gear and a decent Capt and crew go to Similan islands, but ideally 3-4 days minimum ( it takes a day to reach there from Rawai/Phuket ) expect to pay in teh order 18 000 a day.

That is your best bet for true sports fishing.

Second choice if you have your own gear, which I doubt by what your father has caught go to Rompkin in Malaysia where there are still lots of Sailfish, and you can rent a local boat to take you out.

Guarantee, now way, that is why it is called "fishing and not catching"

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