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No More Explicit Love Scenes On Thai Channel 3 Soaps

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No More Explicit Love Scenes on Channel 3 Soaps

Channel 3 soap opera fans will no longer get to see any kissing scenes as the big boss of the channel is now only allowing love scenes to feature kissing on the cheeks and foreheads and hugging and embracing.

Channel 3 is moving ahead to become a family-friendly station with more children programs.

Executive Prawit Maleenont has given the no-no for kissing in soap operas and told soap producers to go the traditional Thai love scene route with only kisses on the forehead and cheek and hugging and embracing.

Production executive for Channel 3 Somrak Narongwichai says this year's soap will reflect social problems and will be more realistic in that characters will have occupations and careers instead of past soap operas where characters are not portrayed while working.


-- Tan Network 2012-01-23


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What about the "funny" "soundeffects"???

By the way:

Prawit should have a look at the amount of domestic violence on his TV channel. Kissing is forbidden, but slapping people / family members around is OK for kids- suitable "family entertainment"?

Spot on!

We had a discussion about what to allow on TV (Germany) in the 80's- I always found it strange, that "sex and violence" were mentioned together.

Something as beautiful as "sex" in the same drawer as "violence"...weired way of thinking!

Wait a minute....EXPLICIT??????

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They also demean the Thais by making the women look like, well anyway.... and the Thai men look like imbeciles and incapable of having any brains.. And the Thais laugh at these stupid things, and the kids watch the violence day after day. Then the Vocational school studnets go out and kill each other school fight. Then the Thai people wonder how they have failed their children. Next, out come all the Government departments trying to set policies and procedures to do something. Then 6 months later, back to normal.

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They really should pass a law about the sheer volume of these soaps.

It isn't that a little bit isn't ok, but when they take up the entire prime time, on every channel, every night, is it no wonder that the men are all out on the p**s chasing birds while the wives are at home? They talk about wanting to save the "culture" of the country, but it seems to me that the culture of the country is to turn every teenage girl into a raving screaming maniac bitch, and every man into a schemer who talks to himself in the corner.

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