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Rooftop Bar In Thong Lor Area

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An opportunity has arisen to acquire shares in a new rooftop bar and restaurant that is due to open in the near future. The owners have been able to secure a rooftop location in a prime Thong Lor area, with the aim of attracting a high end crowd. The business will be open during lunchtimes and evenings, with different themes in place depending on the time of day. The evening cuisine will have a 'Middle East' theme, which is a first for the prominent Thong Lor area.

A 10 year lease has been negotiated with the Landlord, ensuring the longevity of the business, and there is sufficient seating for up to 70 guests and diners. An elevator provides easy access to the rooftop, and there are 50 spaces available in the adjoining car park. The owners plan to have live bands and DJ's performing for guests and snacks and food will be on offer during the evenings.

Most of the furnishing and renovation work has been completed, and a marquee has been erected to ensure that diners are protected from rain. The owners are seeking additional investment as they prepare for the grand opening of the business. Investors have the opportunity to acquire a 20% stake in the business, with shares to be held in a Thai limited company.

ASKING PRICE: 1,000,000 Baht for a 10% Stake in the Business or 2,000,000 Baht for a 20% Stake


Please contact vis PM or email if you have interest or any questions about this business


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