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Can You Guess The Song?

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OK I'll be nice this being the sabbath etc.

The Band is called Alabama 3.

Very witty lyrics and very ugly faces. Am listening to them as i write.

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New one ...

I was out in the cold

Alone in the night

How could I carry on?

Felt so empty inside

All you gave me were promises

Nothing better than lies


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OK , my song was - Lover you should have come over - Jeff Buckley.

Fantastic singer songwriter , makes James Blunt sound like Westlife.


He is good. :o

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You consider me the young apprentice

Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes.

Hypnotized by you if I should linger

Staring at the ring around your finger.

I have only come here seeking knowledge,

Things they would not teach me up in college.

I can see that destiny is sold

turned into a shining band of gold.


*no worries G4S, the games just getting good.....

The Police Wrapped Around Your Finger. :D

Top man, thought that would last a while.

You're different and special

You're different and special in every way imaginable

You love me from my hair follicles to my toenails

You got me feeling like the breeze, easy and free and lovely and new


No-one got this yet either..... :o


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My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder

It's never over, all my riches for her smiles

when I slept so soft against her...

It's never over,

Hope I haven't killed the thread , use google , but the song is a classic, promise me you will listen to it at least once in this lifetime.


Sorry Chonabot, only a few months late!

Jeff Buckley.

I cover that song, and about a dozen others of his.... He is one of my favorite musicians of all time. And that with only one official studio album (and all the live and posthumous releases)

There has been no other musician like him in my opinion.

fav disc: Live at Olympia Paris.

"Only the good die young"

He also did the best version of L.Cohens hallelujah.

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Top Klown ! I didn't realise you were also a musical Klown! I would love to cover some Buckley material in my current band , but the other members are stuck in 1970, which is not a bad thing, but maybe one day we can do A Thai Visa Buckley Tribute Gig at the Lumpini stadium...or something....... :o

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yeah baby!!!!!!!!!! :o:D :D :D :D :D :D

Okay, here's the next one...

One of my fav melancholicly funny lines from a song ever>

"I saw two shooting stars last night,

I wished on them,

But they were only satellites...."

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#1 "spend my lifetime looking for somebody

to give me love like you

now you tell me that you're gonna leave me

darling I just can't let you"


"gonna take me ride on a river boat down in New Orleans

got a pocket full of money and a liquor bottle

gonna drink away my dreams"


"how can you stand there smilin' after all you done

you know it seems to make you happy when you've hurt someone

twice be4 you fooled me with your deceiving and lies"


"wake up wake up, wake up and look around you

we're lost in space and the time is our own"


"Then as it was, then again it will be

An’ though the course may change sometimes

Rivers always reach the sea"


"Hannah baby was a honey of a girl

Her eyes were hazel

And her teeth were slightly curved

She took my guitar and she began to play

She sang a song to me

Stuck right in my brain


"I don’t wanna sound complainin’,

But you know there’s always rain in my heart (in my heart).

I do all the pleasin’ with you, it’s so hard to reason

With you, whoah yeah, why do you make me blue"


"I tried to telephone

They said you were not home

that's a lie

'cause I know where you've been

I saw you walk in

your door

I nearly died

I nearly died

'cause you walked hand in hand

with another man

in my place"


"The news is all over town

You better not let me down

Keep telling me youre feeling good

As good as you ever could

Please tell me that youll never go

Ah ah no no


"Youre messin up the water

Youre rolling in the wine

Youre poisoning your body

Youre poisoning your mind

You gave me coca-cola

You said it tasted good

You watch the television

It tell you that you should."


"Aint nothing new in my life today

Im tired of walking from place to place

Ive yet to come across a friendly face

And now the words sound familiar, as them slam the door

youre not what were looking for.

Aint nothing new in my life today

Aint nothing true its all gone away

If we only had time, only had time for you

If we only had time, only had time for you

If we only had time, only had time for you


"Woman you know that I miss you

And I can't miss you no more

I got this ride doing seventy miles an hour

She's loaded she's down to the floor

But I've got to reach that Arkansas line

Before the sun goes down


"We took a trip to Montana

Guess we were lookin for gold

Never saw a trace of it

But it was everywhere, we were told

Worked in a mine for thirteen hours every day


"Gonna buy me a ticket now, as far as I can

Ain't never comin' back

Take me Southbound, all the way to Georgia now

Till the train run out of track


"Warm my mind near your gentle stove

Turn me out and Ill wander baby

Stumblin in the neon groves

Well, your fingers weave quick minarets

Speak in secret alphabets

I light another cigarette

Learn to forget, learn to forget


"I woke up this morning and realized what I had done

I stood alone in the cold gray dawn

I knew I'd lost my morning sun

I lost my head and I said some things

Now come the heartaches that morning brings

I know I'm wrong and I couldn't see

I let my world slip away from me



"How can people have no feelings

How can they ignore their friends

Easy to be proud

Easy to say no

And especially people

Who care about strangers

Who care about evil

And social injustice

Do you only

Care about the bleeding crowd?

How about a needing friend?

I need a friend


"No is the saddest experience you'll ever know

Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know


"There is some one you ought to meet;

It's me, Mister Incomplete.

Look, at what I've become.

For it's due to the lack of you

That I'm now only half of two.

Look back, finish what you've begun.


"I can remember planning

Building my whole world around you

And I can remember hoping

That you and I could make it on through

But something went wrong

We loved each other

We just couldn't get along

Take a good look at me

I'm in misery, can't you see

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One at a time archie, One at a time...

Oh, and you really should guess the previous ones first.

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