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Smoke, Smog, Dust 2012 Chiang Mai

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The numbers don't show it yet but I can really sense in terms of lung irritation, sinus after exercise (without a mask)

I am praying for the early rain.

It really seems like those fountains in the moat seem to freshen the air. Chiang Mai has water.. How about putting misters and fountains all over.

Of course it makes too much sense like burn bans.

Mapguy has a the right idea to complain to the authorities. It can't hurt.

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Yes, it is after all constructive to complain about air pollution. It can't hurt, so get off your butts! I favor telephoning the provincial governor myself. A lot of noise could help nudge better things along! This is not a foreigner thing. It is a people thing, and don't think that all of your Thai neighbors are happy with, or don't care about, such air pollution. They aren't happy, and they do care !!

But --- and I hate to make people too comfortable with the sh*t that is increasingly in the air --- note the awesome PM<10 numbers in Beijing these days. These numbers have made international news, such as BBC. Do you want Chiang Mai to get like that? No? So, start bitching (sorry, ladies) now !!!! But not here! Do some homework! Go local. Just remember you are helping, not just criticizing. Et cetera.

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