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Quit Smoking With Android App

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Hello everybody, I wanted to share with you my experience while trying to quit, a friend of mine recommended me SmokeLess, it's an android app that helps you with your process, it's very helpful since you can count the cigarettes you smoke (if you still do it) and shows statistics and charts about your progress.

Besides there's a nice forum inside the app where you can post your comments in order to encourage other users or read other's posts that will help you a lot.

Good luck everybody, don't be afraid, quitting is hard the first days but with time it gets easier, ths first 3 or 4 days are the worse, so even if it looks impossible right now believe me you'll feel better in a few days.....

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Today marks one year without cigarettes, I used a simillar app but mine is called quit now, I imagine it would be very simillar.


I have not smoked 10,994 cigarettes,

Have saved $6596.41 and saved 45days, 19 hours and 24 minutes of my time.

Money is AUD, one pack of 30 per day.

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Yeh me too. I use quit now as well although i might check out the other one to see which is better.

I didn't have a cigarette for about 6 or 7 months but then something set me off again.

I've reinstalled quit now. It is nice to see the progress you make and have some sort of goals

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