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300,000 Baht Backhander To Secure A Job Teaching

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never known of farang paying for jobs other than blow.

Thai's do it all the time and for the most lowly jobs too. Moving near or into a major city is charged by the km up here in Korat, unless you have a "close" relationship with a director at a school. I notice it is mostly women who move. WOnder what that connection could be. SHould I mention, single women? I guess it's obvious really.


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I'm around working professionals all day long, every day. Never heard of paying to get a job. I've heard of certain police paying to get certain choice assignments, but even then, I've just "heard." Perhaps it's going on, but the logic defies me. So who gets the money, exactly? Just one person, or is there a consortium? What happens if you leave the job? Partial refund? Does every single govt' employee have to pay? If so, I'd imagine someone is making a sh*tload of money...if it's 300K per person as the OP suggested. Anyways, it's comical to me that the farangs here will believe anything that another farang suggests about a Thai without one shred of evidence.

That information came to me from a Thai, and I know of others, all info from Thais.

The logic still perplexes me. Perhaps the OP's wife did come to him for 300K, insisting that it's to secure a job. But what's more believable?

1. Having to pay the equivalent of nearly two years salary to secure a mediocre teaching job where she can be laid-off or fired at any time.


2. Supposing, just supposing, the OP's wife needed money for her family but knew the OP wouldn't give it up. This scheme is perfect. If he agreed to pay, she knows that he wouldn't be able to talk to the nameless/faceless guy that she allegedly paid. No receipts. No messy audit trail. And on top of that, her family wouldn't owe him any favors, i.e., no having to "worship the ground he walks on." All you need is a gullible farang to buy the story. And many here are perfect candidates.

Just supposing.

You are right money for family. We must feel sorry for this Farang

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