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19 hours ago, idannyb said:

Hi Wayned and others who may be in/near Nakhon Sawan. I just moved to NS a few weeks ago and settling in. I have rented a condo near the Lake (Hong Chai Krui center of town) by the Sri Sawan hospital. Wondering if you know of any local Thai language tutors who take on students for one-on-one daily tutoring sessions? I will be here in NS through March 2020 and really hope to improve my very basic Thai abilities. May move here permanently but that will depend on my Thai wife's ability to land a teaching job in NS


Also any restaurant recommendations near to central of town lake park?




Dan B

If you want to splash the cash, 4 5 6 near the bus station is highly recommended.


Analog in the Soi leading from the lake to the Aramis hotel has recently re-opened I am told, was always popular. Alternatively most of the open air Thai eating/drinking places by the lake are fine. Thais always rave about the Baan Isaan but it is up to a 20 minute drive away. My memory is a bit vague for further info.

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Thanks for the welcome Wayne! I'm enjoying Nakhon Sawan so far ... the night scene around the city center lake park is really something! It's a hub of athletic and social activities ... Tai Chi in the morning hours and fitness dancing at night, along with most every popular sport in Thailand: running, biking, badminton, basketball, volleyball, roller-blading, skateboarding and several sports I'm not familiar with-- a Thai version of croquet and a version of boce ball. Those are but a few of the activities that many thousands partake in here at the lake park. I still play some basketball and have joined some of the games here at the park. But I'm 62 and can't jump anymore. Fun nonetheless. 


I'll keep searching for a local Thai tutor. I'm sure I will eventually find someone who can help me get a better footing with the native language.





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2 hours ago, rott said:

A very unfortunate choice then Fred. Plenty of cheap options about although to be fair I am thinking daytime.


One excellent night cheapo is opposite the Wonderful 1 bar in Soi Yamato (13/1 to newbies) alongside the Privi hotel, limited choice but for between 40 to 60 baht a plate no complaints at all.


Not seen a rat here for a long time though I don't doubt their presence. Definitely no snakes, more than can be said for NS and KP. Excellent places though they are. 🙂

Alas I didn't pick the restaurant my friends did. I do know Patts very well and I would have picked a much different place. But as stated they do like plain food (Nothing spicy). Their Hotel was in Nakluea, so unless we went local it was B/Bus time. And I try not to get those if possible.

Whatever it wasn't to bad for H/M as they paid for the meal anyway.


Re the rats in Patts. They tend to come out night time. I was watching them at play as I sat on my balcony gazing at the Ladies at their work. Or coming home? after a short time. Strange how they find these funny hours jobs.


H/M K.P.Phet. 


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On 12/1/2019 at 12:53 PM, Chris.B said:

Xmas coming!


Where is the nearest Xmas dinner I can get to Nakhon Sawan/Kamphaeng phet?

I think you will be lucky if anywhere is doing anything in Nakhon Sawan. Just not enough farang about.


If you are looking for a bit of farang company on the 25th try the Malee (in the Soi mentioned re Analog) or the Blah Blah bar, lunchtimeish.

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