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BANGKOK 26 March 2019 01:33
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One Dead In ‘Who You Looking At?’ Shootout In Phuket

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Phuket News - One dead in ‘Who you looking at?’ shootout in Phuket

The Phuket News - Thursday, 23rd Feb 2012 03:09

PHUKET: A 25-year-old Thai man, Kriangsak Douysaduak, was shot dead in Phuket Town early this morning during a quarrel between his gang and an opposing mob.

The quarrel started when Kriangsak and the student gang he led paid a visit to the home of his opponent, known only as “Petch”, in Soi Siangtai, off Thepkrassattri Rd.

The purpose of the visit was to interrogate Petch as to why he had looked at a member of Kriangsak’s gang.

Not satisfied with his explanation, Kriangsak’s merry men decided summary justice was required. They gave Petch a good beating and then rode off.

Justifiably aggrieved, Petch summoned his own gang to his house – not far from Kriangsak’s HQ – and waited for Kriangsak & Co to return.

The two sides faced off, pointing guns at one another. One of Petch’s group, armed with an 11mm pistol, fired four shots at Kriangsak, who dropped like a stone and was declared dead when he reached Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Members of both gangs were questioned by police, but no arrests were made.

Officers are now collecting evidence to allow them to issue an warrant for the capture of the shooter.


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This is not a new mentality. When I was young I was standing alone outside a bible class dance when one of a group of youths asked me what i was looking at. I said "nothing" to which the response was "don't call me nothing" after which the group started directing punches at me. As seen in the article above long gone are the days when a fist fight would be enough to resolve hot tempered outbreaks.

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