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Red Light Confusion Ends In Phuket Pickup Sideswipe

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A sorry state of affairs when a newspaper is providing a warning about stopping at red lights!

and if there's a car behind you, jump the light? Is that what they're saying? I'm confused.

I think that is exactly what they are saying and it's true. You have to do it sometimes, especially if there's a tailgating minibus behind you!

display your brake lights earlier

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Maybe the Mazda was reinforced because of the heavy hauling.

How about the driver, was he properly trained?

sure, reinforced with a bull bar at 7Kg, ad a coconut cage at 30 Kg, and you get my numbers above. this mazda is stock approx 1600kg, this ranger is approx 1950kg

any more legal mods to the mazda, it would have large plates, this one is tabien lech

both are less than 5 yo, so none has as old tyres as PC. The ranger would have had shorter braking distance due to better brakes and tyres, but again brakes need to be applyed to work at all

trained driver? well at least he stopped at a red light, the white Ranger guy seem to had no intention to

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