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When running really high drag it's much nicer if you can use braid. 65lb braid is about the same diameter as 15lb mono. 100lb braid feels really tough. You can then set really high drag settings without fear of break offs (usually not always). The problem is braid floats about on the surface. With the float setup it's a pain. For any amount of waiting braid will be blown into next doors swim. If the wind is blowing it can take seconds for that to happen.

100lb mono is 1.00mm and 80lb is 0.8mm so very thick. Has anyone tried using mono topshot? Maybe 25 to 50 yards/metres would be enough. I have read about sinking braids but they don't seem very successful.

So what setups do you guys like to use?

I remember Robblok, you said you had tried braid before. The last time I fished I took the braid off my main reel because it was just so irritating.

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I still use braid because its so strong. However i have an other reel filled with nylon for windy days. I have used sinking braids but they dont work in combination with a float. Also i havent seen real strong sinking braids.

I just accept the disadvantages of a braid because i hate loosing fish on nylon. That is why i love fishing at shadow.... i fish without a float.

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Without a float??? I think that's why you might find it difficult? The guides always told me the float method was far far better.

I will really be trying for a big kahoe this time though so i'll have one bait on the bottom for them.

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Well after possibly the worst day ever I wont be using braid again.

First it floated left with the slightest breeze and was over another person's line of fishing within seconds. If the float wasnt over then the bow in the line was.

Second, every time a Thai angler had a fish they'd cross me and tangle my line. They keep using little reels that can barely stop the fish. So every time one was hooked they had no chance stopping it before crosssing me. With me vs 6 other anglers (3 on each side near me) it was always more likely they'd hook up before me. It also meant my bait spent most time being removed from the water and put back only to be removed again very soon.

Third I was forced then to fish the bottom. A tactic I don't like for big mekong catfish.

That meant just one fish caught for the day and lots of frustration. I've now removed the 900 yards of braid from 3 of my reels by hand. mad.gif

The only bonus was the fish I did get was a good size and a strong fight.

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