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Maybe not not my biggest, but what about this rare catch whilst i was on a trip down to Cha am fishing park fishing alongside a Dutch chap for Songkran.

After 15 minutes of dragging in what i thought was a tree root, out came this mess which contained some 36 hooks and various other terminal tackle (carefully extracted by my girlfriend), two and a half rod's and a home made grappling hook which i presume was used by the staff to drag in such monsters. I gave the rods to the staff and the reels after some grease and TLC are working fine.

One rod in the lake I can understand, but two????

The last time i was at gnao nam I tangled with some broken line. I grabbed a hold and started to bring it in. I must have had 30 yards with no resistance at all. So i continued to wrap it around my hand as you would taking line off a reel. My stupid mistake! I really wasn't thinking. I just wanted the garbage out of the lake. Next thing I feel a fish. Which felt me pulling and it decided it was having none of it. It bolted. The line went tight around my hand. It was like a cheese cutter. Luckily the worst I got was some deep cuts and line burns. The line finally pulled off. I tried to hold it with my other hand before i felt the pain but it snapped the line. I could have lost fingers. Lesson learned.

So there must have been 1 or 2 unhappy anglers at cha am the day(s) those rods went in. ermm.gif

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Following page of the WWF describes an European fish which can grow up to an unbelievable length of 5.5 meters.:


( documentary )

At Thursday the 10th of May 2012 47 atlantic sturgeons will be reintroduced into Plas De Kaliwaal, a floodplain connected to river De Waal near Nijmegen in the Netherlands. The behavior of each of these fishes will be closely monitored via surgically implanted transponders. These relative young fishes were born in 2007 and 2009 in Bordeaux (in France) and can reach each an age of 100 years.

Source: http://www.visstandb...amer-steur.html.

In the far away past a very unfriendly bull was walking on one of the banks of a popular floodplain of De Waal in Heerewaarden who was well known for throwing fishermen into the water : - )

On this page you’ll find more information about the European sea sturgeon, including a clarifying slideshow:


Today, wednesday the 9th of May 2012 the first 3 "royal" sturgeons were released near Rotterdam:


Tomorrow, thursday, the other 47 sturgeons will follow.

Correction: these 50 Atlantic sturgeons do not seem to become much older than 50 years and 3.5 meters in length maxium. They are said to be extremely difficult to catch by anglers. Atlantic sturgeons are not tasty at all and not suitable for producing kaviar in comparison to Beluga sturgeons in the Caspian sea (those specs: max. 5.5 meters, 2000 kg !). Each of the build-in transponders has a lifetime of 4 years. The approximately 50 rather difficult to breed sturgeons grew up successfully in Europe’s largest estuary (600 km2), called the La Gironde Estuary, in Bordeaux. Btw. the La Gironde Estuary most famous fishing technique (called carrelet) is not very different from the one practiced by elderly Thai females. Current estimate of total numbers of sturgeons worldwide equals 1000.

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