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Russian Tourist Electrocuted In Phuket Resort Pool

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The Thai EIT code is actually pretty good though not as rigorous as the international IEC60364 standard and the individual country codes which are harmonised with that.

Problem is that you very rarely see a copy of the code and most Thai "electricians" are ignorant of their own country's code and the basic physics behind it.

In my opinion, things will not improve until:-

1) All electricians are registered, having passed tests on their knowledge of the EIT code.

2) All installations are independently inspected, tested and certified as a condition of compulsory insurance.

Contact me directly if you have any specific queries.

Totally concur AND all electrical equipment/switchgear has to pass stringent safety standards/controls, particularly imported gear as that is where I have seen dubious standards (refer to my previous post) and no matter how "safe" Thai installations are made, they can easily be undermined by incorrectly wired imports.

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not the first one and for sure not the last incident like this

may he rest in peace - my condolences to his family and friends - a tragic loss and way to early with just 45

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