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Chocolate Cheese

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My Missus hates cheese....men mak mak....esp blue :o:D

But the marketers seem to be changing things with this..........

Fonterra says its chocolate cheese has proved so popular in Taiwan that the novel slices are now being rolled out across Asia.

The chocolate-flavoured cheese slices won a 10 per cent share of the overall cheese market in Taiwan in just six months, earning Fonterra more than $1 million.

So far Taiwanese consumers have eaten more than 3 million slices and the chocolate-flavoured cheese is now winning favour in the Singapore cheese market. It is now being launched in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Fonterra category development manager Richard Tay said innovative products were helping to re-define the concept of cheese for Asian consumers.

Fonterra brands Singapore country manager Achyut Reddy said chocolate cheese was favoured by parents of young children, as it offered protein and calcium with less sugar than spread.

"Its chocolate taste makes it all the more appealing for children and adults alike".

Fonterra planned to capitalise on this, partnering with Singapore company, Jolibean, to launch chocolate cheese filling for pancakes traditionally eaten with fillings such as peanut or red bean paste.

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