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BANGKOK 24 May 2019 23:05
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Southern Flood Toll: 15 Dead, 670,000 Affected

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Southern flood toll: 15 dead, 3 missing; 670,000 affected

SUKHOTHAI: -- Flood damages in eight provinces in Thailand's southern provinces were reported to the Cabinet Tuesday, which was told of 15 dead, three persons missing, and nearly 200,000 households disrupted.

Some 671,000 people (179,991 households) in 92 districts of eight provinces are affected by the disruption, Cabinet heard, with 463 roads and 14 bridges damaged or destroyed.

Overall losses in financial terms have not yet been calculated, according to government sources, but preliminary figures indicate significant losses.

Flood damage in the southern province of Pattani, for example, is estimated at Bt91 million, with over one hundred thousand people affected, according to the provincial office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.

All schools were closed for the second day Tuesday. Schools under the municipality will be closed at least until Thursday, dependent on whether or not further rains and continued flooding occurs.

Most shops and petrol stations in Pattani town are also closed, and normal life has come to a standstill. In addition to the emergency situation in the city, villagers in many surrounding areas need large amounts of drinking water, food, and medication.

Putting a hopeful light on events, Pattani Mayor Pitak Korkiart said that the flood situation in the municipality area has improved. Floodwaters are expected to dry up in the next few days if there is no more rain.

The provincial office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation said flood damage is estimated at Bt91 million baht. Some 31,784 families or 132,185 people are affected by flood, officials disclosed.

Damages were sustained by over 300 roadways, 61 schools, eight temples, 14 mosques, 23 government offices, 24,000 rai of farmland, 10,000 rai of orchards, 18,915 animals, and 1,226 fish farms.

Meanwhile, Trang governor Cherdphan na Songkhla led his team in flat bottom boats to visit flood-stricken areas near the Trang River Tuesday.

All houses, temples, and schools are submerged under water up to three metres deep. Local residents have evacuated their homes to take temporary shelter on the on the higher level Trang-Sikao roadbed. Medication for water-borne diseases are needed.

He said the flood situation in Trang was better except some areas in the municipality district and Kantang district. All schools in Trang are closed this week.

The province was hard hit by floods triggered by high tides and damage could not yet be estimated. The possiblilty of further flooding as warned by the Meteorological Department remains of deep concern, the Trang governor said, voicing worries felt by many throughout the region today.

--TNA 2005-12-20

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