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BANGKOK 16 February 2019 21:25

Images Of Southern Thailand

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This "Elephant Tail Orchid" belongs to a friend who lives nearby. This specimen is some 13 feet across and about 9 feet high. As you can see it is covered in flowers. He has been told that it is the worlds biggest for the species. I don't know what it's biological name is but the local name is Hang Chang, I hope I got that right. People are coming from all around Ranong, this week the governor is due to pay a call.


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Hope you enjoy....taken in Phuket and Phang Nga since January 2005:

More if you want to see!

yes please, but no more of the rusty toilet though :o

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Just a few photos I'd like to share with yall on a nice sunny days trip to Samila beach. Didn't hit the hotspot though. Too many people, tourists and loud, crowded and full of hawkers. Instead, we went offroading through the forest and through the deep soft sand to get to a long quiet secluded strip just 2 to 3kms away from the transport pier and roughly 1km away from the central hotspot. nice and quiet there...peaceful.













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More pictures Southern Thailand around Chumphon






I had no idea Chumphon had snow-capped mountains. WOW! :whistling:

I'm surprised nobody commented on this but I say there is a zero % chance the snow capped pic was taken in Chumpon

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Lol I think its more rain and high winds he suffers there in Chumphon. But in saying that I am also suffering the same here in Europe wind and rain and snow on the way I am sure :(

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I have tried to upload some pics from Chumphon and other places further south, but for some reason I am unable to paste after copying from my computer.

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Resized images of the Khanom area of Surathannii .... Smaller for easier viewing!

(there is another place of same name near Krabi, I gather) .... I took a quick detour around there the other day and it's actually quite a nice area....

Resorts large and small. Much larger town than I had imagined too... I was some how expecting a few shacks on the beach, but not the case!!!




Town of Khanom



One of the many hotels in the area!


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