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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 20:38

Images Of Southern Thailand

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On 1/26/2017 at 3:44 PM, Stocky said:

Clearing up is almost as bad as the flooding. After the 2010 floods in Hat Yai we not only had the issue of cleaning all the crap out of the house and off the streets, the streets and every bit of waste ground had to be cleared again of all the stuff people just threw out; dead fridges, TVs, mattresses etc, etc. 

Your completely right about that. I was in Phuket the tsunami and that was a total  mess too, but the sheer scale of this has got to be 1000s of times bigger just due to the total area inundated. For us, we haven't even started the work of sorting through all the flood damaged crap because it is still to wet...In our town 'the dump' was also flooded. and it is just a rice field in a low-lying area surrounded by more rice fields under cultivation...only god knows how a


Custom-made beer condom made from foam debris found washed up on the beach here in Ranode District, Songkhla. There is a huge supply of raw material,that's for sure.



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Custom-made beer condom, produced from sea debris and a little duct tape, on my balcony here in Ranode.


beer condom.jpg

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Please if you are a photographer and use the forum to try to upload your images.


Would you please try to help us resolve some issues, which have been plaguing uploads lately... we hope it will help pin point some problems.


Please take a few minutes to help!



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