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BANGKOK 26 April 2019 07:37
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Phuket Pickup Crash: Thalang Trembles

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Phuket pickup crash: Thalang trembles

Phuket Gazette


The wreckage of the Hilux in front of Muang Thalang School in Phuket. Photo: Wichai Witthawat.


The wreckage of the Phuket pickup truck as viewed from the concrete bridge support where it crashed in Thalang. Photo: Wichai Witthawat

PHUKET: -- A speeding pickup truck crashed into a pedestrian footbridge in Phuket last night, spreading fear of yet another earthquake tremor and causing a one-hour traffic tailback.

Thalang Police were notified of the crash in front of the Muang Thalang School on Thepkrasattri Roadnorthbound at 5:45pm yesterday.

Arriving at the scene,Phuket Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers found the wreckage of a white Toyota Hilux pickup overturned in the middle of the road, its engine lying about 25 meters away by the median strip curb.

The driver of the vehicle,31-year-old Pa Khlock resident Surachet Chaithongwik, managed to crawl from the wreckage conscious. He was put on oxygen and rushed to Thalang Hospital, said rescue workers.

Relatives at that facilitysaid they intended to transfer Mr Surachet to a better equipped facility inPhuket Town as soon as possible.

Despite the damage to hisvehicle, Mr Surachet’s injuries appeared to be relatively minor. He wasconscious throughout and had no open wounds, said rescue workers.

A Thalang Hospital nursesaid she suspected he may have suffered bruised or broken ribs.

Witnesses said the Hilux was moving quickly along Thepkrasattri Road in rainy conditions when it suddenly lost control, jumped the median strip and then slammed against a heavy concrete support of the pedestrian footbridge in front of Muang Thalang School.

A group of teenagers playing football at the school said they initially thought the booming sound of the crash was another earthquake.

Thalang has been the epicenter of 25 earthquakes ranging from of 2.0 to 3.3 Richters since an initial 4.3 magnitude tremor last Wednesday.

Motorists driving along Thepkrasattri Road northbound, the main artery heading off-island and to Phuket International Airport, had to wait about an hour in traffic while rescue workers treated Mr Surachet and cleaned up the wreckage.

Source: http://www.phuketgaz...ticle12845.html


-- Phuket Gazette 2012-04-21

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I think it would be wiser to stop to publish car accidents as it is 90% of the news in this country. speed , alcohol, lack in driving etc ....

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