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BANGKOK 21 May 2019 08:39
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You Could Call It A Job . . .

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I've just come back from my Songkran holiday to find myself bombarded with pleas from the smaller government schools in my amphoe to help head-hunt for TES (Token English Speakers).

They're desperate because the deadline for them to submit the paperwork (and receive the salary budget from the Ministry) is the 24th of April.

The qualifications required are as follows :

  • Native English speaker
  • Completed the equivalent of Matthayom 6 education (High School for North Americans, arguably GCSEs for Britons).
  • Some (any) experience in teaching, well, anything really, as long as you did it in English

Job specification :

  • Come in and speak English to people for 6 hours a week
  • Beg, borrow, steal lesson plans / ideas or just make it up as you go along
  • Make them laugh (in English)
  • Have fun (in English)

Compensation :

  • 10000 Baht per month
  • Lodgings if the school has available facilities / help to find same.
  • As many whisky soaked team-bonding lunches and dinners as you can handle (if you are so inclined and the place you end up in is anything like my corner of Isan)
  • All references and rubber stamps necessary for you to get a Non-B visa + work permit, although you may have engage your own visa agent (plenty around) as not all school admin departments are experts on immigration law.

The pay isn't much but they're not exactly asking for much either. I teach full time in one of the larger government schools and I have a lot of fun out here. I think this would be highly suitable for gap-year students or anyone else just looking for something to do off the beaten track and is inclined to give serendipity a chance.

If you fancy a subsidised holiday / anthropological study / path beneath the skin of Thai culture in Chiang Yuen, Maha Sarakham then do get in touch.

You will be in good hands as I am half Thai and can speak Thai and Isan.


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