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As long as you keep the originals on your computer it really shouldn’t matter which online platform you use for sharing. Try the different interfaces and see which one you like.

As an Apple user and someone who likes shooting in RAW, I prefer to process and store my photos in Aperture. Since I have a blog on Google’s Blogger platform, they automatically place all pictures from my blog into photo albums that can be accessed through both Picasa and Google Plus. When my first album went over 900 images they started a new one for me. It is very easy.

Being embedded in their ecosystem already, it doesn’t make much sense to duplicate things on Flicker or PhotoBucket. Besides I kind of like the Google Plus album displays and the large photographic community. At last count over 1700 individuals have me in their circles and follow my work on Google+.smile.png

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That lovely sky seduced me into hitting the mountains on the Mt Bike only to find myself mired in mud. This shot was taken just minutes before the heavens opened and things went from bad to worse.


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It looks like Gmail is not on the list.

As you can se-open a Google+ account or share your Picasa web albums whit them,provide them whit wide opportunities,to use your Pictures and other stuff,by sharing/selling it to other companies-and wide open your profile pictrures to share for friends and theier friends-unless you lock it all-and then...what is the idea then.

I like alot of what they offer,but think you may read everything twice and ask your self-wood I give-any one,those permissions.

I will not !

So I use Google,as always,and avoid Google+.

Picasa-brugere skal være opmærksomme på:

  • Personer, du har delt album med, kan se billederne på din profil og i deres Google-søgeresultater.
  • Dit navn vises på dine fotos, i kommentarer og tags i stedet for dit Picasa-kaldenavn.
  • Alle, du deler et album med, kan se, hvem det ellers er delt med, og videredele det, medmindre du låser albummet

Just found this-so I was mistaken by that one-sorry:


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Nice temple photos Brian. How far from Chiang Rai is that? And I wonder what they keep in that pond. Water for irrigation? Fish? Or just a natural pond for the sake of it?

VF that is a funny looking hill, such a dome shape to it from this angle. It reminds me of those places they excavate and discover there is a pyramid underneath it.

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Your pictures are always lovely VF

I often look at them on your site along with the

nice posts to read.

So much clarity & detail in your photos.

Impressive & nice to browse


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