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Kayaking From Cr To Chiang Khong

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Hi there folks.

Anybody experience with kayaking to Chiang Khong from Chiang Rai?

I think its duable in two days, overnight in Chiang sean.

Carry the boat one time out of the water on the Kok river.

Any info is welcome

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Once your plans are finalized and before you make the trip, pay a visit to the Border Patrol Police. If necessary take a Thai translator with you.

These soldiers in black uniform keep an eye on the movements near the border. You might not see them but they will see you. It is better that they know about your kayak trip. Circumstances might force you into Laos territorial water. If you get into problems with the Laos border guards, the Thai Border Police can sort things out for you.

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So you'll be taking the Mekong from CS to CK. !? ....... Should be a relatively easy trip for an experienced Kayaker, certainly won't need to paddle hard. I think the Mekong is all Laos Territorial water due to some treaty with the french years ago. but don't think anyone would be greatly concerned as long as you had the relevant safety gear and could be clearly seen. probably need to speak to Thai Marine Police in CK or CS.

There may be issues with the Kok river though, legalities sort of thing. sure I read somewhere that a Guy wanted to do charter trips a while back and it was scuppered for want of a better word

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Last year two Spanish youngsters have paddled from Chiang Rai to the Mekong. Each guy had a collapsible kayak. At the bridge where road 1129 crosses the Kok river, they folded their kayaks and took a songtaew to Chiang Khong. They did not dare to paddle on the Mekong.

Inform yourself first, before setting off. The Thai Border Patrol Police are understanding. The Laos village police/administration will not create problems.

The roving official Laos police/army/security units, which come from the major cities to check on the locals, are a problem. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong moment they can make trouble.

Years ago the local people said that anything sticking out of the Mekong waters, was Laos territory. Since the rocks have been dynamited or pulled out to make a navigation channel (between Chiang Saen and Chiang Khong). Today a Chinese company holds a 99 year lease on Laos land bordering the Mekong river between Sop Ruak and Suan Dok.

Information on the accepted Thai - Laos borderline in the Mekong river can be obtained from the Royal Thai Navy in Chiang Saen (Lam Nam Khong Police Public Service Unit).

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