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Importantly: Incoming We-save-khaolak.de Asks For Assistance

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Dear forum visitors, I ask it hereby for support with the search for Solitaire Meissmer. She is missed since the Tsunami of 26.12.2004 in Thailand (Khao Lak).

After nearly one year later discovered Sascha Meissmer, the father of Soltaire, a picture of his daughter taken up by a Phuket Resident on the 27.12.2004 in the Phuket City Hall, which was published in the Internet.

Now are press, police and also the governor looking for the girl. Perhaps she was evacauted by airplaine to Bangkok or a family absorbed her because they assumed that her parents were drowned.

Unfortunately we had to determine that still many people despite the reports on TV and radio about this case are unknowing or have nothing heard about it. That’s the reason for www.we-save-khaolak.de to make the step going in direct contact with all the people and published this important request for assistance.

All information about the case Solitaire Meissmer are on my web-page above. Here is the appeal:

The case Solitaire Meissner

Solitaire has a German dad Sascha Meissmer and a Thai nut/mother Patchara Meissmer.

Who can give references or information to the whereabouts of the small Solitaire Meissmer?

Solitaere is called with Thai-Nick-(pointed)name Nong taire.


A women from the market remembers to have seen Solitaere Meissmer at the Chong Fah Waterfall after the Tsunami.

The Thai gouvernor meant it exists the possibility that Solitaire Meissmer was gone on a trip

to a assembly-point in Bangkok and after to Thammasat because the confusing circumstances in this time.

The following important questions needs answers:

Who is the dark-blond long-curly haired person (sitting on the chair) opposite the child?

Who is the man, who is treated in the left foreground (with the blue-yellow shorts and the glasses)?

If it is not Solitaire, who recognizes the girl as ITS OWN child?


Fam. Meissmer got a dead body in August 2005, here is again a possibility for a mistake was present. According this the authorities are now examined again .

The entire complex is called “City Hall”. In the rear right part into it is located

the OrBorJor. The photo was taken in the OrBorJor on the City Hall Center which is called Provincal Hall also .

With references or questions email to webmaster-wsk@web.de or all police stations.

Here once again the URL of my web page: http://www.we-save-khaolak.de

On the page please go to the forum there are the pictures from Solitaire.

I will thank you for your cooperation

M. Kutscher - Web master we-save-khaolak.de

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