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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 05:21
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Phuket MP Petitions PM Yingluck, Chalerm For More Police

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If the problem is that Phuket police refuse to cooperate with Bangkok police, or even allow them in to conduct their own investigations (as I've heard has been the case), then I don't see how adding police anywhere solves any problems. If Phuket police can't be trusted to pursue the bad guys in Phuket, and Bangkok police aren't going to be allowed in, then how does adding to either force do any good? This strikes me as typical political practice (and not just in Thailand) - just throw more money at it. Don't identify the actual problem, and don't even think about trying to root it out. But by all means appear to be speaking out and "suggesting solutions" - most people will be fooled by that.

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