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Filipino Restaurant - Phetburi

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Personally I think Filipino food is a bit of a joke but no doubt there are people who like it, Filipinos for example.

I recently read about a Filipino restaurant in Bangkok and though I'd share the knowledge: http://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/bangkok-restaurant-reviews/mabuhay

I haven't been but will make the effort - San Miguel's drinkable, and I will admit to appreciating a good adobo smile.png

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Got to say i agree, Filipino food (If you can call it that) is tasteless and very boring, cant see the restaurant lasting long ! Or maybe it will, and that would tell another Story Hmmm !!!

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Overseas Flipino workers are numerous and in many countries. But you rarely see a Filipino restaurant - which speaks volumes for their cuisine!

I think it says more about the situation of the guest workers than the quality of the food.

http://www.yelp.com/...=Daly City, CA#!


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I go to the PI quite often, but the food doesn't do much for me as a whole. I do love pork adobo, crispy pata, lumpia shanghai, steak tagalog, and the like. But my big complaint is the comparable lack of veggies.

I recently had a few days off in Palawan, though, and I was very pleasantly surprised at the food there. Mostly, however, I use trips to the PI to eat at other nationality restaurants, though. Greek food is good, as is Spanish. I think they make great American-style burgers, too.

Having written, that, while I can't take FIlipino food for too many days in a row, it is good every once in awhile. I would eat Filipino once every couple of months in the US, and I will probably try this one here in Bangkok.

As an aside, when they opened the first Jolliebee's in the US, people were driving over 3 hours to eat there. That first weekend, lines were literally around the block with people trying to get in. If that fast food chain is not the worst in the world, in my humble opinion, then it is pretty close to it.

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I agree. Filipino food is good for variety. Once in a while. And on the islands way too much pork fat and way too little vegetables. Also agree Jollibees is a horror show. But still I've had some very delicious Filipino food in my life so I know it exists.

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