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BANGKOK 24 April 2019 13:16
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A Compact Treat . . .

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The X-Pro1 may look sexy but looking sexy doesn't cut it in

capturing that image if the internals are crappy.

On the way up scale I have a Leica M8 with 3 lovely

but very epensive lenses...it's a great camera but

one can't really stick it in ones pocket unless one is

wearing cargo pants/shorts & it's rather uncomfortable

if doing just that with the M8 in me trouser pocket.

I really love a "proper" viewfinder and on the XP1

I simply don't like where it's located...way off to the

left side. It reminds me of an excellent camera;

Panasonic's Lumix FZ20...the last of the f2.8 Lumix

cameras that are 2.8 from wide to extreme. Loved

that camera but hated the viewfinder size and location.

Bought a Nikon V1 the other day just to see what all

the fuss was about...pro & con...and can only give

the little camera a rating of 3.4 on a 4.0 scale.

For details I can agree with look here....




I reckon this feller & I see things the same

when it comes to this camera....however

if you have already purchased one of the

cameras in your short list....well...enjoy it!!

The V1 is a great "Me" camera IMHO.

Sip Satang from a news shooter...

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