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Milk In Thailand Expensive

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During the dry season fantastic amounts of water have to be pumped out the ground to keep the grass green enough for Mrs. Cow (I think her name's Daisy) to eat. I think that may be what is causing the purported hugh prices.

I will continue to buy and drink it though, at any price.

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Milk amongst many other things has always been more expensive than Europe.You have to either pay up,change what you drink ,or go home!

Or buy a cow!!!!!

Hahaha good one!

Well I think it makes sense. Milk isn't what many Thais drink daily. Many Thais I know get diarrhea when they drink milk.

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I'm not sure if it's the same in Europe, but in the USA milk (like gasoline) is heavily subsidized by the government, making it appear cheaper than it truly is. I'm generally not a fan of farm subsidies but I can somewhat understand why a government might want a highly nutritious food to be affordable to low-income folks.

So it might simply be a matter of milk going for its true supply & demand-driven price here.

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