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Which Preferred Thai Bank Cards For Purchasing Online With Amazon Us & Uk ?

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On 8/3/2012 at 2:22 AM, theoldgit said:

I have used my Kasikorn Debit Card to purchase from Amazon in the UK, who have the same requirement of verified by visa, I didn't need a separate number I just needed to register my card for online use, via a Kasikorn ATM.

Never tried using my Kasikorn card for Amazon but I'd just like to re-inforce this as I was never told about the activations.


I couldn't use my K card for anything other than in country, in person purchases until I enabled them.  My branch didn't tell me anything about the limitations - probably because of langauge difficulties.  Once you have left the country its too late - even their staff have to do the activations at an ATM.  There are quite a few things that may need activating if I remember correctly.  I think telephone puchases and internet purchases are 2 separate activations and I also believe there are others and limits that need setting - it seems you have to ask them, they don't tell you.


If your intended use is for purchases out of the country, you need to be able to receive the OTP on your Thai number. Fortunately I use a dual SIM phone so my Thai SIM can receive but its still a pain due to signal issues at home in the UK.  There may be an easier way but I haven't been advised of it.  There are still occasions where I can't use my card - paying for a flight direct with Etihad over the phone for example.  The strange thing is that I can use the card to book an Etihad flight online. When I asked Kasikorn why I can't use my card with Etihad over the phone, they told me they have issues with Etihad's security - odd.

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I have been using my SCB and BBB Bank Cards fir international purchases for years with no issues. This includes Amazon US and UK as well.

Yes, you must be sure to have your card internet enabled. You can do this with the bank by phone to their call center.


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