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Alone And Nowhere - Someone Who Knows This Book!?

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Two years ago a guy in Thailand gave me a printed script of a book by the title "Alone and Nowhere". The author is someone by the initials "C.H".

This book is one of the strongest experiences I've ever had reading a book.

I have tried to find the book without success. I have since moved from Thailand and I cant get hold of the guy who gave me the script. I suspected that because it was only a script the title may have changed. I cant find anything with a similar title, so I'm asking TV members if someone knows the book. Maybe it was never published (it was a script), but I find that weird due to the quality of the book.

The book tells the story of an English expat, who works in Bangkok and falls in love with a bar girl whom he eventually marries. They have a baby girl, but the marriage ends and he returns to England after paying the wife to get custody of the daughter. The father and his daughter live happily in England for a couple of years. When the girl is 5 years old the father dies in a car accident. After 4 years being treated as a princess by he father, living in a nice house and going to private school, the girl is sent back to Thailand where the Thai mother sends the girl to live at the family house in Isaan while she works as a bar girl in Bangkok. The little girl doesn't speak a word Thai and is treated like shit.

Anyone who knows the real name of this book?

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