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The Future Of Chiang Rai.

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It is anyones guess what Chiang Rai will look like in the future. Plans come and go so I put off judgement until I actually see what happens, but it can be fun to listen to people tell you the train will run through their land or what devastating effects development will have on Chiang Rai. I seem to remember a lot of gloom and doomers decrying the evils of Central Plaza. I figure you either embrace change and move on, or end up fighting a loosing battle.

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A little early in the day to have run out of "Likes".thumbsup.gif

Well spotted!

I think they run in a 24 hour cycle and mine ran out a couple of hours back.

Better start lobbying for more again

I’ll let you off with a warning just this once and do get that petition started.thumbsup.gif
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