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Are Ghosts For Real?

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I once lived in a house with a ghost. Never saw it myself - although I felt the presence many times- but one of the housemates used to see the "old boy" standing at the foot of his bed at night. He loved to play with the volume on the stereo and moved things around quite often. A guest once fled the house in terror after seeing the ghost walk by one night. I'm a believer!

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Ghosts are for real. Look at Casper, he had a tv series for many years and even a blockbuster movie.

Chang says the little misquitos have killed more than religion. How long have the little pest deaths been recorded?? I think religion. (If you don't believe in my god, then i will kill you attitude) Seeing a lot of it today, and for a long time. :o:D:D:D

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My first g/f believed that there were muslim ghosts on our balcony. Easiest ways to get rid of them would be putting a pig's head in front of the door. After I made it clear, that her packed suitcase will be parked instantly next to besaid pig's head, the spook disappeared as fast as it came... :o

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I never had the, I suppose very scary, experience to be confronted with one.

But I have some friends which I hold in high esteem, who did.

On the Canarian Islands and here in Thailand.

They both excepted them and the gosts respected this.

Yes, I am convinced they exist and that they listen to you if you speak to them.

If you here the story first you don't believe.

They don't carry passports, so you can meet them everywhere.

Not only in Thailand!

Limbo (no, I don't have health insurance)

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I have never seen a ghost, but in India, I have often had unusual inner experiences when I am around some of the Indian saints. Although I consider myself a skeptical athiest, these experiences are so obviously real that I am now convinced there is some sort of spiritual energy that can be transmitted from person to person. Could this energy survive after the death of the body? I don't know.

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I used to see an apparation coming from my laundry room years ago. It's shape wasn't definable but I could sense something was there. Other family members mentioned it to me as well. I've never believed in ghosts at that point. We found out later from a neighbor that a teenager commited suicide in the laundry room 7 years before. Real-estate agents are supposed to disclose things like deaths in the house, but I guess they didn't.

So yes they are real in my opinion. :o

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