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Pro'S And Con'S Of Aonang Beach ?

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I've a mind to go and have a chat with the local imam, at that very mosque (who I do know), this evening and see what he makes of your and your reviewers bigotry. Just a shame I don't know which business it is you have. You could expect a protest of some kind.

I have no idea how I landed here, but have been reading your massive and over the top rants.

As an atheist I wonder just how welcome you will be at the local mosque. Unlike buddhist wats, the mosques do not welcome those outside of the islamic belief. They are distinctly unfriendly.

But as you are married to an islamic woman, you would have to be converted into islam in order to be accepted into the family. Including the small but significant and irreversible operation. Claiming atheism will raise eyebrows in a buddhist family, but will not be accepted in an islamic family. You will also be expected to bring up your children in the islamic faith, you will have no choice. Educating them in atheism or any other religious belief will instantly result in alienation from your family and the local community.

It is interesting to note that you seem to be very extremist in your attitude pro-islam and anti-everything-else. This does call into question your claimed atheism.

As you claim to have links into the mosque, then maybe you could point out that everybody has a mobile phone, and perhaps they could issue the "call to prayer" via SMS. After all, the koran does not mention using PA systems at full blast.

Which I think is the only criticism that has been given above, with the exception of all your ranting criticisms against all manner of other people.

Hi Mancub and 12DrinkMore,

the topic is "pro's and Con's of Ao Nang"

Not to play wannabe moderator, but can we get back to that?

If you or ManinSurat want to start a religious thread, knock yourselves out but don't hijack this thread.

That being said, I am also guilty here of posting regarding this religious stuff (sorry), but as the old saying goes "opinions and A***hles everyone has one".

When it comes to religion and politics, man, this saying tends to be spot on.

Now, Pro and Con-McDonalds Ao Nang, horrible food (con), pretty good coffee.........(Pro).

You're right. I was unecessarily over the top and a lot of what I said made me cringe when I read it back. I still don't think my base point was invalid. Common courtesy as a guest. They're very tolerant of us, just reciprocate. All I meant.

I apologize if I went too far. I should learn to just go away and do something else and not get caught up in ranting. Trying to change. My new tactic is to go onto Youtube and watch "Gangnam Style" by PSY normally makes me laugh and it's relevant as Ao Nang is SeoulTown (Soul Town, geddit!?) ... Coz of the Koreans and PSY is Korean and.... *ahem* anyway.

I've stocked up on the chill pills!

I wasn't intoxicated. Just passionate.

All criticism of my over-exuberance and bullish nature is warranted. Sorry I made your eyes bleed!

Peace out! Spread the Ao Nang love! There's more to here than people ever bother to discover as I tried to mention before the craziness! smile.png

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