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Chicken Marsala In Bangkok?

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Ive been searching for a resturaunt that cooks cooks chicken marsala. Ive cooked it a few times myself but its a pain to go buy the wine and the mushrooms herbs etc, for just one dish.

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Why not try a good chicken massaman. Every bit as good as French cuisine if you find the right kitchensmile.png

Why not try a good Chicken vindaloo, of Kung Po Chicken. Also taste nothing like the delectable chicken maRsala.

@OP - If you struggle finding Marsala wine, a Chinese rice wine can be similar. Just make a big batch of the sauce and freeze it in separate servings using the full bottle of Marsala. Very fast food indeed after that.

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This happens every time on this board guy asks about x and people offer y. Not simply a better alternative, but a whole different outcome. Why!

No, you cannot make the sauce, the chicken must be sauted in the sauce, mushroom must be cooked snd the pan deglazed for proper taste.

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