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"furious Masturbators" Flash Phuket Expat Motorist In Midday Moment Of Madness

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Hey give the guys a break. This is not isloated to LOS. When I was working in Hungary a few years ago it was the ladies who stood on the side of the road showing their wares trying to get guys to stop.
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I'm sorry for Amy, a valued TV member, especially since none here seem to care.

thanks for that, stevenl.

it wasn't the worst thing i've ever experienced or seen, but it was pretty disgusting. and yes, you are right ... not too many here, and none on that day, seemed to care.

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'Ms Bensema stopped at a construction site on the other side of the hill and told a security guard what had happened.

“He laughed, but then quickly apologized when he saw how upset I was. He told me to go to the police station to report the incident,” she said.'

i wish someone had video of that conversation. does she know the Thai for jerking off (chack wow by the way) or did she have to mime it? either way, it would have been hilarious.

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