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Jai Dee

Trang Province Is Preparing Itself For Drought In 2006

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Trang Province is preparing itself for the possible drought situation this year.

Trang Provincial Governor Cherdphan Na Songkhla (เชิดพันธ์ ณ สงขลา) revealed that the Ministry of Interior has ordered all provincial administrations in the country to prepare measures to prevent and address a drought situation. The provinces have also been told to establish their drought-adressing plans in accordance with the 2006 civilian-sector disaster prevention plan.

The governor of Trang said that addressing the 2006 drought and providing aid to disaster-affected people is a main policy of the government. The province of Trang has already prepared prevention and solution measures to address the drought, and the plan has been distributed to related agencies.

Source: Thai National News Bureau Public Relations Department - 26 January 2006

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Just a short note on that subject, Trang government is on the ball in these situations, they seem to be prepared for everything. I have lived here for the past 2 1/2 years and only over Christmas did they come into their own when the floods came and they were bad, the worst seen since 2518 the relief effort was outstading. I have never been in a flood b 4 not here or in the Uk but from the first day there were boats coming to the house all day bringing food parcels for every house, candals, cleaning and washing goods.

And what i stillcant believe it was only up to lst week that they stopped giving these food parcels, they were coming everyweek 5kg of rice, mama, fish, candals this is something that would not happen, so hats off to the kind hearted people of Trang and the governor.

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